Meet the “Characters”

The one regret I have with the book is that I did not include photo’s of the individuals who contributed to the book.  Below you will find photo’s of some of the characters.  Over the next year, I will be adding follow up stories to this site as their stories continue to unfold.

Wendy McCaig: Chapter 1

My dream: To find the intersection of the needs and dreams of my community, the calling and capacities of people of faith, and the mandates and desires of God for the community.

Karen Stanley: Chapter 16

Karen’s dream: To open The Healing Place for women in Richmond, and to develop an employment program that will help clients move from emergency shelter to long-term stability.

Aileen Owens: Chapter 2

Aileen’s dream: To be liaison between the different members of the foster-care team (biological families, social workers, and foster parents).

Lakisha and Sons: Chapter 13

Lakisha’s dream: To give back to the community by helping others.

Martha Rollins: Chapter 8

Martha’s dream: To see God finish the dream that has grown out of Boaz & Ruth – making Highland Park a healthy village where there is safe, affordable housing and job opportunities in the community. I also hope my successor will help to take the Boaz & Ruth model into other cities.

Charles Fitzgerald: Chapter 15

Charles’s dream: To help those in recovery overcome the barriers they face to long-term stability and bring hope to those who feel defeated and forgotten.

Rosalind and daughter Autumn: Chapter 14

Rosalind’s dream: To help other women who feel trapped discover the power of God that can set them free no matter what their past or present circumstances may be.

Tammy McClure: Chapter 17

Tammy’s dream: To see Hillside Court become a beacon of light and hope for all – both for its residents and those who come across the bridge from the churches.

Sharon: Chapter 9

Sharon’s dream: That other women trapped in relationships with addicts will find the strength to focus on their own needs.

Phyllis: Chapter 4

Phyllis’s dream: To speak a message of hope to a multitude of hurting outcasts: those who are in hiding in the crack houses, in the shelters, and in the prisons because no one remembers them.


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