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Safe Spaces to Question

Steve Holt, in his post appearing on Jim Wallis blog “God Politics” titled “God is Big Enough to take our Doubt and Anger” writes “What if, little by little, we started to believe that God is big enough to take our doubt and anger? What if we changed our culture of false pretenses? What if we began to not only share our struggles along with our joys, but were present to lend an ear to a struggling friend, without judgment? What if our hymnody, sermons, and prayers began to reflect more fully the range of human emotions, including doubt, fear, and anger?”

Steve Holts post reflects upon the ministry of Peter Rollins whom I had the privilege of hearing speak last year when he came to Richmond.  Some how Peter Rollins, through his own ministry has created safe spaces for people both Christians and non-Christians to share their questions and doubts without being told they are “wrong”, “uninformed” or simply “ignorant” of the “truth”.  I find it sad that the venue in which he did this was pubs because the church is unwilling to embrace the fact that even good Christians have doubts and questions. Holts article vividly illustrates what happens when we do not create safe spaces for people to be authentic in sharing their beliefs and require people to simply “play the part” ignoring their own questions and doubts instead of embracing them.

This is an excellent article, I hope you all will read the full post.

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