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Still Making Me Laugh After All These Years!

It was the summer of 1981 in a small town in Central Texas. I was a rising freshman at Lampasas High School and finally allowed to hang out at Storms Drive In with the High School crowd. I cringe at the thought of letting my daughters do the crazy things my parents let me get away with, but it was a whole different world back then.  I was obsessed with The Police album “Ghost in the Machine” and was finally able to go “riding around.” “Riding around” was the only form of entertainment in Lampasas.  Basically you would hop in the car with an upper classman, who was likely drinking and driving, and make loops through the very small town waiving at friends or stopping to chat if a cluster formed at one of the hot spots.  My friend Beth Taylor had been dating this guy Roger Boone for months. Rodger was a rising senior, which meant he could drive, and this made Beth extra cool.

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