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Where is Jesus?

Charles Fitzgerald

Charles Fitzgerald

Every time I teach Unity Works and people hear Charles’s story of how God set him free of addiction through an AA based recovery program, someone asks a question similar to this one from a participant a while back, “”I still have questions in my mind about the “God of my understanding”.  Does AA proclaim the Gospel or is the “God” a universal ie Budah, etc…..God? When and where is Jesus? I understand the challenge of needing to be non-denominational but how is Christ proclaimed?”

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Honored to be a Sermon Illustration

Growing up outside the church, I never would have imagined that one day, a pastor would use my story as a sermon illustration.  However, I was honored when Rev. Dixie Brachlow, the Associate Pastor of Fairfield Presbyterian Church asked if she could quote a portion of my post “Healing the Wounds of the Bible Belt” in her sermon this past Sunday titled, The Extravagant Gardner. I love the way in which she tied my story to Jesus parable about seeds in Matthew 13:1-23.  Below is an excerpt from Rev. Brachlow’s sermon which she has graciously allowed me to share with you:

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