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My Hero Kristen Grace – From a Walker to Dancing Shoes

When Kristen Grace McCaig was born we all knew she was special.  Her dark brown eyes soaked in the world with a curious sparkle.  Sadly at a day old, she began a pattern that would continue for the next twelve years of her life.  That pattern of countless trips to the hospital and doctors offices with bizarre ailments resulted in only confusion and concern but no diagnoses.  Day 1 it was blood in the stool.  Age 6 months to 18 months it was “failure to thrive.”  She was tested for everything under the sun but no one could figure out why she was so small.  At age four they told us she would not reach five feet tall as they continued to poke and test her for every genetic disorder imaginable.

At age seven she could not draw a straight line and writing her own name was an agonizing experience.  She was diagnosed with visual motor integration dysfunction which is basically a fancy way of saying she could not write well.  There was a kind of disconnect between her mind and her hands but no one could explain why.  While she was excelling academically, she continued to fight her body.  In PE, she was the slowest child and her PE teacher noticed motor planning issues in her inability to string activities together like the other children.

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