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Social Justice versus Evangelism

My official title is “Executive Director” but my true vocation is that of a Christian pastor.  My particular call is in equipping and empowering people of faith to live their faith in the world especially through relational ministry with those in our city who are economically disadvantaged.

I ran across an article this week that addresses an intersection I often find myself in as I seek to bridge the inner city and the church.  It is the intersection of social justice and evangelism. Because of my strong call to social justice ministries, some may think I am anti-evangelism.  However this article captures why I find the traditional evangelistic tactics unacceptable within a social justice ministry.   Dan Kimball writes in a blog titled Social justice/evangelism dichotomy and NT Wright after-thoughts, “I think we need to redefine what evangelism is in terms of how we go about it. I think some of the pendulum swing is that we haven’t been rethinking forms of evangelism (through words). So the older non-relational, overly reductionist ways grew embarrassing and emerging generations didn’t want to be associated with those forms (understandably so). But we now need to reclaim the urgency of evangelism, but doing so in ways that speaks to our culture.”

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