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A Tale of Two Women

Suzie and Tracy are your typical suburban moms.  They are both college educated working professionals who choose to stay home when their children were born.  When the last of their children went off to school, they began to feel a stirring in their spirit.  They began to wonder, “How can I make the most out of my life?”   Their friends suggested they get a part-time job, but neither of them desired more money.  What they both desired was to make a difference in the world.

Suzie’s Call

Suzie believed that she was called by God to do something but did not know what.  She signed up for a women’s retreat at her church.  There she heard an amazing speaker share how she had discerned God call to work with the homeless.  Suzie was moved and felt God calling her to invest her life in serving the poor.  She left the retreat on fire and determined to follow God’s call.

Tracy’s Call

Like Suzie, Tracy knew that God was calling her to something of significance but she could not discern what that something was.  She began telling her friends about her desire and someone suggested that she contact a woman in their church who had followed God’s call and was serving the urban poor.  So, Tracy called up the woman, Wanda, and they agreed to meet.

Tracy’s Response

Tracy was inspired by Wanda’s journey and asked Wanda if she would help her discern her own unique call.  Wanda agreed.  Over the next several months, Wanda and Tracy went on walks, exchanged emails and Tracy began serving alongside Wanda in the inner city.  Tracy was moved by the stories of complete strangers who had gone through so much and who were praising God in the midst of their trials.  As she saw God in unlikely places and people, Tracy’s faith began to grow in ways she had never experienced.

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