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Beyond Handouts: Moving from Relief to Development

Vegetables in Whole Foods Marketphoto © 2008 Masahiro Ihara | more info (via: Wylio)There is a food scarcity issue in our Hillside community. Most residents are not working, some do not even receive food stamps, there is no food pantry within walking distance, most do not have a car, and the closest grocery store is more than four miles away.

As I shared in my post “The Irony of Being Called a Socialist,” Embrace Richmond’s mission is community development not handouts.  I have been researching ways to address food scarcity that moves beyond emergency relief to actual personal and community development.

When doing Asset Based Community Development the first question you ask is “what does the community have to work with?”  The answer to that question is easy…time.  Less than 30% of the residents earn the majority of  their income through employment.   We also have AmeriCorps members who are eager to serve and a growing group of residents who serve faithfully every week.  In addition, we have congregations who would be willing to collect food and help with transportation.

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