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The Shadow of My Blog: Unintended Consequences

I love my blog.  I love that I have a place to wrestle with some of the hard parts of doing ministry. I have received countless comments, emails, and messages affirming me as a writer and a blogger.  However, this week, it was brought to my attention that there is a shadow side to blogging; the shadow of unintended consequences.

This realization came to me at three levels.  The first and most embarrassing level is the level of “unintended ping-backs.”   Earlier this month, I wrote a somewhat controversial post, “Ouch, that hurt!” in which I admitted that seeking unity of the body is hard and painful.  In that post I shared that I was not sure it was even a realistic or achievable goal.  I wrote this particular post after a rather heated conversation with someone who is a bit further to the right of the theological spectrum.  I wrote the post at a time when I was still angry, hurt, and disillusioned.  I wrote it as a lament; lamenting that my dreams of unity have not been achieved.  I wrote it as a confession; confessing that I am not strong enough, wise enough, or committed enough to live out this part of the vision.  I wrote it as a technologically challenged person, not realizing that when I created the link to the vision statement o f Embrace Richmond, I was also creating a “ping-back” which showed up in the “comments” on the “About Us” page of my non-profit.

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