I welcome the opportunity to speak to your congregation, small group, or civic association on the following topics:

Bridge Building

Does your congregation, small group, or civic association desire to be more active in serving the impoverished in your community?  This workshop will inspire your community to get involved by laying a foundation for healthy engagement with impoverished communities.  This is a 45 minute presentation.

Making the Shift

Effective missional engagement requires a number of paradigm shifts.

  • A shift in Motivation: From taking Jesus to the poor to seeing Jesus in the poor
  • A shift in Perspective: From doing ministry for to doing ministry with
  • A shift in Approach: From “come to us” to “go to them
  • A shift in Inquiry: From “What can I do for you?” to “What can you do for your community?
  • A shift in Outcomes:  From “Serve Us” to “Service
  • A shift in Vision: From church as a “place” to church as a “community”
  • A shift in Measurements: From “numbers” of members to “stories” of real life change

This four hour workshop will help your church make the shift from missions as event to missions as relationship in a way that empowers and truly transforms both impoverished communities and your local congregation.

Discovering your Divine Dream

How would you answer the question, “If you could do anything for your God and knew you would not fail, what would you do?”  In our fast paced world, we rarely allow time to reflect upon God’s call on our lives.  In this workshop, participants are guided through exercises to help them uncover and embrace their own dreams. This is a 75 minute workshop.

Voices from the Other Side of the Bridge

Through the stories of homeless individuals, audiences will experience the spirit of Christ that dwells among the least, lost and forgotten in our world.  Rediscover the power of story as your imagination carries you into the world of the homeless.  This is a 45 minute presentation.

Unity Works Workshop Series

This workshop series is designed for residents of the Metro Richmond community who want to go deeper in their service to the poor in our city.  This is an 8 week training program that will introduce participants to key services available to impoverished individuals in our city along with the gaps in the current system.  This series is taught in partnership with other service providers and features the guidance of formerly homeless individuals who participate in the weekly workshops and speak to issues from their unique vantage point.

To schedule a speaking event email Wendy McCaig at wendy@embracerichmond.org.

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