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A Triple Blessing Christmas Gift

Looking for a Christmas gift that captures the true spirit of Christmas?

From the Sanctuary to the Streets is the gift you have been looking for!

This true story of what God did in our city will be a blessing to your friends and loved ones.

It will be a blessing to Embrace Richmond who will receive 100% of the proceeds.

Those proceeds will be a blessing to the residents of under-resourced communities across this city who will continue to receive support and encouragement from Embrace staff, AmeriCorps members and volunteers.

With one simple gift, you give a triple blessing!

Learn more about From the Sanctuary to the Streets here.

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Book Discussion Guide Now Available!

We are thrilled to have several groups across the country reading “From the Sanctuary to the Streets” this fall and produced a Discussion Guide to accompany the book.

It is free and available to anyone.  This packet is great for Bible studies, small groups, Sunday School classes or simply individual reflection while reading through the book.

Click here for a PDF of the packet.

You can find the book at and Barnes &, as well as directly from the publishers, Wipf & Stock.  The publisher offers a 40% discount on orders of four or more books. If your group would like to take advantage of this discount contact Wipf and Stock publishing by phone or email and request their group discount.  Click here for contact information.

All proceeds from the book benefit Embrace Richmond.

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Interview with Mary Moss

This week Mary Moss published an interview with me at Associated Content.  Mary had this to say:

“I recently interviewed Wendy McCaig, Founder and Executive Director of Embrace Richmond. The story of her journey is fascinating and is evidence that one person with passion, drive and determination, can make a positive change in the world–one person at time. Wendy’s passion for social justice coupled with the friendships that formed through her volunteer work, lead her to establish a framework for working in practical ways to begin transforming a city.
The Embrace Richmond model is one that could easily be adapted in any community across the country to bring about transformation, healing and hope. Wendy recently published “From the Sanctuary to the Streets, the story of her journey thus far and of the transformative work she and her team are doing to bring about change in the lives of some of Richmond;s poorest residents.  What she wants us to understand is that her story is really the story of those individuals she has met and how they transformed her life.”

See entire interview here

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The Shadow of My Blog: Unintended Consequences

I love my blog.  I love that I have a place to wrestle with some of the hard parts of doing ministry. I have received countless comments, emails, and messages affirming me as a writer and a blogger.  However, this week, it was brought to my attention that there is a shadow side to blogging; the shadow of unintended consequences.

This realization came to me at three levels.  The first and most embarrassing level is the level of “unintended ping-backs.”   Earlier this month, I wrote a somewhat controversial post, “Ouch, that hurt!” in which I admitted that seeking unity of the body is hard and painful.  In that post I shared that I was not sure it was even a realistic or achievable goal.  I wrote this particular post after a rather heated conversation with someone who is a bit further to the right of the theological spectrum.  I wrote the post at a time when I was still angry, hurt, and disillusioned.  I wrote it as a lament; lamenting that my dreams of unity have not been achieved.  I wrote it as a confession; confessing that I am not strong enough, wise enough, or committed enough to live out this part of the vision.  I wrote it as a technologically challenged person, not realizing that when I created the link to the vision statement o f Embrace Richmond, I was also creating a “ping-back” which showed up in the “comments” on the “About Us” page of my non-profit.

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2010 Convocation Speaker at BTSR

I will be speaking at the annual convocation service on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 10:10am in Virginia Hall on the campus of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. I am honored to share with new and returning students, faculty and alumni how BTSR shaped my journey as a minister.

Additionally, I will be doing a book signing following convocation.  My book From the Sanctuary to the Streets captures how the challenges put forth through my theological training at BTSR guided me on my journey toward an application of Christian social teaching.  I look forward to seeing many of you at convocation.

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From the Sanctuary to the Streets: Check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Amazon now has the “look inside” feature active on my book which will allow you to read the first two chapters.  If you have not purchased your copy of my book, From the Sanctuary to the Streets, and want to get a peek inside, check it out.

Barnes and Noble also just added the book to their site and is offering it at a lower cost than amazon for those of you who are looking for the best deal.

For those of you who have purchased the book, I would be very grateful if you would post your review on either or both of these sites.

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Congratulations to Karen Stanley

In my book, From the Sanctuary to the Streets, I share how the ministry of Embrace Richmond was enhanced through our collaborative relationship with CARITAS, the largest shelter in Richmond, and The Healing Place, a 198 bed residential recovery program.  Karen Stanley, the Executive Director of both CARITAS and The Healing Place, has become both a mentor and a friend to me.  She graciously shares a portion of the CARITAS history and vision in my book.  However, Karen’s passion for collaboration is not limited to Embrace Richmond, it is a way of doing business for Karen.

Karen Stanley was received the YWCA 2010 Outstanding Women Award in Human Relations and the Better Housing Coalition 2010 Groundbreakers Award for Creative Collaboration. For both awards, Karen is recognized for her creativity, commitment and leadership in joining community organizations in collaborative efforts to solve the challenges of men, women and children facing homelessness.

Karen has graciously offered to collaborate with Embrace Richmond on the promotion and distribution of my book by offering From the Sanctuary to the Streets, for sale through the CARITAS Furniture Bank.  The proceeds from the sale of the book will go to benefit both Embrace Richmond and the CARITAS Furniture Bank.  Books can be purchased at 1125 E. Commerce Road, Richmond Va.  So stop by the furniture bank for your copy and support two great local non-profit agencies.

I am so thankful to Karen for her on-going support of Embrace and for her unfailing commitment to strengthen the homeless services system here in Richmond.

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