As a minister called to urban ministry in Richmond, Virginia, I often feel caught between two worlds.  The nice, safe, sterile, plastic, suburban world where the church often feels more like a country club than the hope of the world and the messy, confusing, often frightening world of the inner city where I come face to face with Christ in the least likely of people.   I have been working with the homeless since 2004.  I have learned more about faith, hope and love from my urban friends than I did in four years of seminary and decades in the pew. In my blog and books, I hope to capture some of the insights that I have gained.

I titled this site “View from the Bridge” because of my unique vantage point as one who sees both sides of our Richmond community.  Richmond is divided by the James River but it is also divided by race and economics.  Like many people, I spent years on the expressway and never thought about the people under the bridge or tucked away in shelters or public housing projects.  I believe if we bridge poverty and prosperity, both worlds will find the healing and hope they desperately need.

I did not start my ministerial career in the inner city; I spent more than ten years serving in the local church.  My journey was a progression and in the page titled “The Journey” you will find some of my early writings as I was discerning God’s call on my life.  Click here to view.

In 2005, my journey led me to start Embrace Richmond, a faith based non-profit with the vision of uniting the city of Richmond in order to address issues of poverty within the inner city.  To learn more about Embrace Richmond, visit www.embracerichmond.org.

The views and opinions represented on this site are solely my personal views and in no way represent the views of Embrace Richmond, our staff, or our board of directors.

To learn more about me visit “Wendy’s Bio Page”.

You can contact Wendy at wendy@embracerichmond.org or via phone at 343-5008 x407.

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  1. Hi Wendy!

    I am happy to read a bit about your journey and work. It would be great to share some conversations. Which seminary did you attend? My husband and I met at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. We are now Anglicans. If you ever head southwest, be sure and drop in. We are close to Roanoke. I love Richmond, haven’t been there in many years.



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  5. Steve Belanger


    Your blog, which I just had the privilege to read a bit of, was extremely impressive to me, in many ways. I love the voice, the anger, the great ideas and beliefs. I love the message. You and I share a lot of the same thougts and beliefs. You have the voice of reality. I understand your disillusionment with what is called “organized religion.” It sounds like you do more in a few days than most supposedly religious people do in their whole lives. Though I unfortunately do not as of now share your religious beliefs, I would still, with your permission, like to write about your blog on mine, and include a link on mine to yours. My blog is not as relevant, nor as well-written, as yours, but I would like to contribute–in whatever small way I can–to your goal in Richmond. I think it is incredible what you and your organization try to do, and I wish you continued success. Please send me an email if you can. I would love to hear from you.

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