Fiscal Integrity or Hypocrisy?

Money!photo © 2005 Tracy O | more info (via: Wylio)
I know there are individuals who easily dismissed my rant about the proposed budget cuts simply because they think that I will somehow personally benefit if AmeriCorps funding stays intact.  I doubt they will believe me when I share that administering the grant actually cost more than the value of the benefits gained by Embrace.  The sole reason Embrace choose to run an AmeriCorps program is because it creates economic opportunities for individuals who would otherwise not have these opportunities.  To be honest there are days, like yesterday, when I think receiving federal funds is not worth the pain.  However, to give up on AmeriCorps would be to give up on my friends in Hillside Court and to give up on my friends would be to give up on economically challenged communities.  I am not willing to do that, no matter what the cost.

In Jim Wallis’s post yesterday titled, “This is Not Fiscal Conservatism. It’s Just Politics”, Wallis appeals to his readers to look at the proposed budget cuts as Christians.  He challenges Christians to put partisan alliances aside and come at this issue from our shared religious tradition and ask the question, “What Would Jesus Cut?”  If faced with the choice between tax cuts for the wealthy, military spending or services for the poor, which would Christ choose to invest in?

I encourage you to read the full article here. No one is arguing with the fact we have to address the issue of the deficit. The real question is who should pay.  Below is Wallis’s closing comment from this post,

“When politicians attack the poor, it is not partisan to challenge them; it is a Christian responsibility.   This is wrong, this is unjust, this is vile, and this must not stand. These proposed budget cuts are backwards, and I don’t see how people of faith can accept them. And we won’t.”

So, will Christians accept this?  Or, will we choose to be Christians first and Republican or Democrat second?


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