Jessica and Jack’s Journey – A Yearning for a Lived Theology (December Synchroblog)

I grew up completely unchurched in the heart of the bible belt.  I did not attend any church until my late twenties when a series of miscarriages launched me on a spiritual journey. In my early years as a Christian, it was as if a whole new world opened up for me, a world of possibilities where God was alive, moving and shaping me.  I was a hungry baby Christian gobbling up all things Christian, eager to live a Christ like life.  In my experience that meant all things church.

I signed up for every bible study I could find.  For more than ten years, my faith was lived largely through the acquisition of knowledge that I thought would one day bring me to a place of personal holiness.  Sunday morning sermons, Christian music, couples small groups, womens bible studies; I was a total church junkie.

Then one day I met a homeless heroin addict who professed faith in Jesus but who continued to struggle with addiction.  As I journeyed with her for the next three years, I realized all my well-rehearsed Christian platitudes, like “Let go and let God” and “Surrender your life to Jesus and he will set you free” were only empty words. I realized that I had no idea how to actually live my faith, I only knew how to talk about it.  I had a solid theological grounding but no idea how to embody it in the world with those who so desperately needed to know the Jesus I claimed to represent.

This week, two young people reminded me that the desire to go where God ultimately took me was present in those first years of my spiritual journey.  I simply took a ten year detour that they are not interested in taking.

Like me, Jessica grew up unchurched.  This past year, Jessica has been on a spiritual journey.   Every week for almost a year, she visited a different church, center, temple or mosque and wrote about the experience on her blog called, “52 Prayers.”  Through her journey she came to faith in Christ.   With her 52 Prayers project nearing completion, Jessica is preparing for a new journey; the journey of living her faith in the world.  Jessica is not content to spend the next ten years in a Sunday school classroom studying.  She is eager to live the faith she has discovered. She is praying about spending the next year of her life journeying with the homeless in our city and allowing God to teach her through that experience.  I wish I would have been as bold and courageous as Jessica sixteen years ago!

My second teacher is Jack who this week shared that he too had a spiritual epiphany.  Jack grew up in the church but as I shared in an earlier post titled, “Spiritual not Religious: Fact or Fiction?”, he has questions and doubts that are not welcome in the institutional church.  The unanswered questions and doubts have left him disillusioned with Christianity.  This week Jack shared “I know one thing for sure… you can count me in as far the “works” go. I’ve got to find a way to make some sort of impact locally. Not until last night did I grasp the SHEER IMPORTANCE that serving those less fortunate plays in the big picture. Who knew?”  Like Jessica, Jack’s faith came alive this week in the thought of living it in practical ways in the world.  He is not interested in theological debates but longs to experience Christ spirit working through him.

This advent season, I am reminded by these two young Christians that what makes Christianity unique is the incarnation.  God became flesh and dwelt among us.  When I first became a Jesus follower, like Jessica and Jack, I wanted to be the incarnate Christ in the world. I wanted a lived theology.  However, the only options for growth that I found offered by the local church were intellectual exercises that fell short in preparing me to be Christ in the world.

I was willing to live a radical sold out life fully surrendered to whatever God would call me to, but no one encouraged me to venture outside the church walls.  Our faith is not lived in sanctuaries, Sunday school classrooms, or small groups but in the streets with those who are suffering.  Jessica and Jack both instinctively know this truth.  I think we all know this truth but we have succumb to “churchianity”; thinking that church equals Christianity.   Church attendance is not the end goal but is simply the vehicle through which God equips and empowers us for actually living as Christ body in the world.

My prayer this advent season is for Christ spirit to take on my flesh and become incarnate in me.   I also pray for the church here in America.  I pray we create expressions of Christ body that spark and nurture the faith of people like Jessica and Jack. It is time we all yearned for a lived theology.  As we await the coming of the Christ child this advent season may we all prepare room in our own hearts for Christ spirit to live in and through us.  Come Lord Jesus come!

This post is part of a Synchroblog, where a group of bloggers post on the same topic on the same day, so that people can surf from one to the other and get different views on the same basic topic. The topic for December is “Journey Through Advent”  Learn more at Grace Rules.

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19 responses to “Jessica and Jack’s Journey – A Yearning for a Lived Theology (December Synchroblog)

  1. anewcreation

    Hi Wendy,
    I needed to be reminded of this today.
    May I ask for your prayers?
    I wish we lived near each other so that we could have a cup of coffee and exchange impressions.
    God bless you for helping to redirect The Light to where it is most needed.

    • wmccaig

      Hi Mercedes,
      I will be praying for you but maybe we can also do that cup of coffee. I am starting to use skype to build friendships with folks across the world. Did one a few weeks ago with a friend in Kansas and another in Bali. I could go to starbucks here you go to starbucks there (not sure you guys have starbucks but you get the idea) and it will be almost the same as being there! Interested?

      • anewcreation

        Hi Wendy,

        I do not have skype, but you are the second person who has suggested to me that I communicate with others in that way. I will look into it.

        Thanks for the suggestion!


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  7. Liz

    Wendy – I love posts that include personal stories! and this one is great! My experience has been similar to yours – (Sunday morning sermons, Christian music, couples small groups, womens bible studies; I was a total church junkie) – like you, I ended up realizing that attending church did not really equal being a follower of Christ. May Christ spirit take on our flesh and become incarnate in all of us.

    • wmccaig

      Thanks for commenting Liz. I went to a conference this week and the lecturer said “If you think that the way you grow disciples is by growing your church, you have it all wrong. If you are effective at growing disciples they will grow the church.” I think we have gotten so off course and made the “church” the end goal instead of recognizing that our goal is disciples who life like Jesus. Still totally clueless as to how to do that but I think we have to start by recognizing the problem.

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  12. It’s all about the incarnation. I am so glad I found your blog, Wendy.

  13. thanks so much for this, wendy. i can really relate to that season in faith that was about “knowledge, knowledge, knowledge” and then intersecting with pain in my own story and almost everyone i encountered and thinking “um, knowledge won’t cut it here.” loved these beautiful stories you shared, too; they remind me of the infusion of hope and courage incarnating Christ brings….

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