New AmeriCorps Openings at Embrace Richmond

We are currently recruiting for the following two positions:

Dream Works Coordinator: The Dream Works Coordinator will help build a network of support by recruiting mentoring and building small groups to support our community based leadership team.  This individual must be able to communicate the vision of the community leaders and teams in a way that others are willing to invest their time, talents and treasures in bringing the vision into reality. The ideal candidate will have experience starting and building volunteer driven groups, facilitating small groups, and helping groups achieve specific goals.

Youth Engagement Specialist: The Youth Engagement Specialist will help connect young people into the Embrace Richmond’s community based ministries and will also develop educational programs to take the message of Embrace into youth groups and schools sharing how young people can make a difference in our city.  The ideal candidate will have experience working with youth, starting youth small groups, and doing missions projects with young people.

If you would like to know more about these positions, please email me at

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