Interview with Mary Moss

This week Mary Moss published an interview with me at Associated Content.  Mary had this to say:

“I recently interviewed Wendy McCaig, Founder and Executive Director of Embrace Richmond. The story of her journey is fascinating and is evidence that one person with passion, drive and determination, can make a positive change in the world–one person at time. Wendy’s passion for social justice coupled with the friendships that formed through her volunteer work, lead her to establish a framework for working in practical ways to begin transforming a city.
The Embrace Richmond model is one that could easily be adapted in any community across the country to bring about transformation, healing and hope. Wendy recently published “From the Sanctuary to the Streets, the story of her journey thus far and of the transformative work she and her team are doing to bring about change in the lives of some of Richmond;s poorest residents.  What she wants us to understand is that her story is really the story of those individuals she has met and how they transformed her life.”

See entire interview here

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