Book Now Available on Amazon and Locally in Richmond and Central Texas

Still haven’t purchased a copy of From the Sanctuary to the Streets?  Now you have no excuse!  The book is now listed on Amazon and available through the CARITAS Furniture Bank here in Richmond (1125 E. Commerce Road) and at Stitch America 10X Team in Burnet, Tx (104 West Polk (Hwy 29)) for those of you in central Texas.

Proceeds from books purchased from the CARITAS Furniture bank benefit both Embrace Richmond and CARITAS.  Proceeds from books purchased in Burnet from Stitch America benefit Embrace Richmond.

Thank you to all of you who have already purchased the book.  Your comments, support and encouragement have been invaluable.  I would greatly appreciate having all of you write a review on the Amazon site.  It would really help potential readers get a feel for the book.

If you know of any business or book stores who would be willing to sale the book, please let me know.  I have not had the time to go out to book stores yet and would love any referrals or suggestions you can make.

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