Missional Leadership

Alan Roxburgh in his blog titled “Join the Wild Goose Chase” gives some wonderful insights into missional leadership formation.  He critiques several methods but the one I think most speaks to our current approach is this one

“Throw them in the Deep End and see who survives: The most ineffective form of leadership developing leader but the most used. People are put into big jobs, we watch them flounder, morale erode, and people quit – then do it all again.”

I don’t know if anyone else is in over their head but I know I feel that way a lot.

His proposed method is

“Leadership Action Teams: Leaders group together to work on leadership situations above their current capacities; a coach assist them engage untraveled leadership challenges.”

I think that is pretty much what we are doing with our leadership huddle and our proposed community huddles and I know at least from my perspective it has been very helpful.

I also liked his comparison of today’s missional leader to that of the Celtic missionaries and their willingness to move with the spirit that is wild and untamed and unwilling to comply with strategic plans, man-made methodologies and tactics.

I pray you all get to go on what Roxburgh calls “Wild Goose Chases”.

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