Stop the Pressess!

Well I thought I was done with the book, it made it through numerous levels of review all the way to the managing editor who decided on Friday that he does not like the title.  He gave some very convincing reasons why so we are now in search of the perfect title for what was “Embrace Dreams: A Journey Beyond the Pew.”  Below is my “short list” of ideas that I am going to submit.  Let me know which one you like best or if you have an even better idea!

Title Suggestions

Embrace The Dreamers

Bridge of Dreams

Sanctuaries to Streets

Homeless Dreamers

Sub-Title Suggestions

Embrace the Dreamers:  How the Dreams of the Homeless are Transforming our Sanctuaries and our Streets

How the Dreams of the Homeless United a Community and just might Transform the Church

A Journey from the Sanctuary to the Street transforms a community and could transform the church

There are numerous shorter versions of the sub-titles but this gives you the idea

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