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Working on my book…

I have received an offer to publish my first book from CASCADE Books.  I will be spending most of my writing time working on this project over the next several months so I will not be blogging as much.   I will keep you posted as the project comes together.

Monday I had the privilege of interviewing Ellis Henderson about the role of the black church in the lives of impoverished communities with specific attention on prosperity teachings which are so common within many of these churches.  It was a fascinating discussion and I learned a lot from Ellis and am looking forward to weaving his insights into an upcoming chapter I am working on.

On Wednesday I interviewed Charles Fitzgerald about his journey out of homelessness and his three years of sobriety after spending 30 years in active addiction.  Charles has amazing insights into the mind of those stuck in addiction and the key to escaping that trap.

On Wednesday I also interviewed Becky and LaKisha about their experience being an encouragor and an encouragee.  Lakisha has experienced sickening levels of sexual harassment in the workplace and shared how having Becky as her cheerleader, advocate and friend helped her find her voice and stand up for what is right.

Charles, Ellis, Becky and LaKisha’s stories will be paired with my own experiences with the urban church, substance abuse, and injustice in three of the chapters I am working on. 

I have learned so much during my interviews; pray I am able to impart the wisdom that has been shared by those who have invested their time in telling me their stories.

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