A New Season

For the past year I have been working on a book (see Wendy’s Book page) which grew out of a series of grants from Valpariso Universities Practicing our Faith project.  The draft version of the book is complete and it was submitted to several publishers the first week in October.  Now is a time of waiting and praying but I miss the activity of writing.  For this reason I created this blog. 

For years I have found different ways of engaging in the practice of writing.  First through an email series called “The Journey” (see The Journey Page), then while in seminary through dozens of writing assignments (see seminary writings page for some of the more interesting projects), upon graduation from seminary I filled my writting need with work on the book and now I plan to use this blog as my primary writing tool.  I don’t really have a planned agenda, I simply wanted someplace to put down random thoughts, document specific encounters, and collect ideas for the next major writing project, what ever that might be.


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2 responses to “A New Season

  1. Alexa

    HI Wendy,congrats on your book can’t wait to read it.May God continue to bless you and yor family.

    • wmccaig

      Hi Alexa,

      How are you? Are you still in Richmond? I am going to be posted more chapters in the next few weeks. Hope you are well?

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